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When They Already Know It: How to Extend and Personalize Student Learning in a PLC at WorkTM seeks to engage proficient students–those who already know the content. Championing the Professional Learning Communities at Work (PLC’s) process as essential for ensuring all students learn at high levels, authors Mark Weichel, Blane McCann, and Tami Williams focus on the question, How will we extend the learning for students who are already proficient?–a question that many collaborative teams find they overlook. To address this question, When They Already Know It identifies five elements of personalized learning and five instructional strategies to expand proficient students’ learning.

K-12 teachers and collaborative teams will:

  • Realize the importance of addressing PLC critical question 4
  • Gain strategies for extending high-ability and high-professional students’ learning
  • Discover how to personalize learning in the classroom
  • Understand how teamwork increases student engagement
  • Gain individual and collaborative team reflection tools