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It is our mission at Bright Future Consulting to co-create schools that are collaborative, inclusive and focused on learners. We focus on building a strengths-based school culture using a personalized learning philosophy for all.

Our Team


Dr. Blane McCann

30+ years of school administrative experience, 17 of those years as a school superintendent. Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Leadership. M.Ed. in Administration Supervision.

Educational Background

Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Leadership
M.Ed. in Administration Supervision
Bachelor of Science in Secondary Social Studies


Blane McCann began teaching in 1980 in Ft. Myers, FL where he taught secondary social studies at Riverdale High School. He later began his school administration journey in 1987 in Kenosha, Wisconsin as an assistant principal.

Blane went on to serve as a superintendent in three school districts. First, The School District of Shorewood in Shorewood, Wisconsin where Shorewood High School was named a Blue Ribbon School in 2008 and the best high school in Wisconsin in 2013.

Next, he served as the superintendent at Westside Community Schools in Omaha, NE where he was named Nebraska’s CTE Superintendent of the Year. The District scaled personalized learning for all kids increasing student achievement and both student and staff engagement.

Most recently, he served as superintendent at Piper USD 203 in Kansas City, Kansas where he began the process to join the Kauffman Foundation Real World Learning Initiative.
Blane is a systems leader who focused his work on collaborative leadership. He learned from and worked with both Stanford University and the University of Connecticut through the Accelerated Schools Project and The Renzulli Center for Creativity, Gifted Education and Talent Development since 1993.

From these collaborations, Blane developed and scaled personalized learning in all schools and districts that he led by implementing a systems approach to leadership along with a School Design Process he developed from his studies and experience. He is passionate about co-creating strengths-based learning organizations.

Blane presents on various topics including the future of schooling, systems leadership, School-Wide Enrichment, and School Design with a focus on personalized learning.

Blane is a certified Gallup Strengths coach and coaches school administrators to do their best work on a daily basis.

Blane consults with districts as they prepare students for the future of school assisting them with understanding their “Why”, determine their goals, and implement core strategies to realize their vision for students. He helps schools and districts as they learn, implement, and scale personalized learning philosophies to engage all students as they drive their own learning.

Current Position

Interim Superintendent of Schools at Piper USD 203

Education Systems Consultant

Sue Presler

Sue Presler is an educator with 40+ years of experience. She has presented Cognitive Coaching, Adaptive Schools and Habits of Mind in across the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Sue Presler is an educator with 40+ years of experience. Sue has been a classroom teacher, a teacher of gifted students, an instructional coach and Assistant Principal. She has also served as the Director of Professional Development at Loess Hills Education Agency. Sue began her consultancy in 2001 working across the United States, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. Having studied feedback for several years, Sue helped to create a training for the Tasmanian Professional Learning Institutes entitled “Building a Feedback Culture”.
Sue is a charter member of the Danielson Group, delivering seminars around Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching. These seminars include 1) An Introduction to the Framework for Teaching, 2) Observation skills for Administrators and coaches and 3) Specialized seminars around each of the components of the Framework for Teaching and the Framework for Teaching Clusters. Sue has been a Training Associate for Thinking Collaborative teaching Cognitive Coaching, and Adaptive Schools seminars since 1998. She is also a Training Associate for Habits of Mind. She has presented Cognitive Coaching, Adaptive Schools and Habits of Mind in across the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
Sue spends extended time in districts coaching principals and instructional leaders.
Special Qualifications

Presenter: Cognitive Coaching. Adaptive Schools, Habits of Mind and The Framework for Teaching

Coach: supporting Principals and Instructional Leaders and coaches in refining their skills for Instructional Leadership

Consultant: provides consultant expertise in the areas of feedback, conversations for growth, and building a teacher evaluation system.


Bright Future works with you and your staff to create collaborative systems to transform learning. We align the work of a school district from the boardroom to the classroom, working with the leadership of the organization every step of the way.


Our company’s communication will be clear, direct, and transparent with our clients and we will coach your organization to demonstrate clarity with transparency when implementing your ideas.


Commitment to the Truth

Modeling and creating ethical transparent organizations is what is exciting to the Bright Future Team.


Working alongside our clients to accomplish their goals is key to our success as a company.


Doing what we say we will do is our motto.


Understanding our clients needs and desires are first and foremost in our in our work.

Vulnerability and Courage

As a company, we embrace vulnerability and model courage as we help our clients boldly think about the future of their strengths-based learning organization.


Our company’s communication will be clear, direct, and transparent with our clients and we will coach your organization to demonstrate clarity throughout the strategic planning process.


As a company, we will open our heart to our clients; we will become one with our clients living your dreams along with your vision, goals and accomplishments as a strengths-based learning organization.


Culture is what we do every day; it clarifies our identity as a school. It assists in maintaining our identity in an adaptive world. Culture is how a school shares values, beliefs, and obligations with one another.

How do we build a positive school culture? It begins with treating all stakeholders with respect and dignity. It is being committed to the truth as we develop organizational trust through shared autonomy and responsibility for all decisions made within the school.

The value is found in collaborating, developing a collective identity where individual visions become one for the organization.


At Bright Future, we view school design as a comprehensive approach bringing all key systems to bear on student learning and engagement. Our work impacts the entire system because it is an interdependent cross-functional system where all individual systems influence the entire school system. The factors of influence can be either positive or negative. If we want a healthy system, we must see and understand the various influences of all systems. Think of it as your backyard garden. What plants you place next to each other can influence the growth of the either plant. If you weed one area of the garden but not another, it might help or hinder another plant. You see the garden is a living breathing system that is interdependent much like a school district.



The Adaptive Schools Foundation and Advanced Seminars present a productive, practical set of ideas and tools for developing collaborative groups in becoming effective and better equipped to resolve complex issues around student learning. It is how conversations are structured and how decisions stay made in an environment where an organization is changing form but wants to maintain its identity through the transformation.


Personalized learning is an instructional philosophy designed to nurture learners to discover their strengths and understand how they learn best to become independent learners through student choice, voice, and interests to master the highest standards possible in a relational environment.

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